Objective: Identify new directions in learning by seeking out problem concepts and distracting vocabulary.

It’s time to use our tools (like Jupiter and Newsela) to take control of our learning!

  1. Newsela Reading (Newsela): Complete at least one article (with its quiz). (Be sure to choose the highest level where your reading comprehension is strong).
  2. Tough Ones (JF): Post the question text of the five toughest questions that Newsela has ever asked you. (It’s a search, cut and paste job).
  3. Reading Doctor (JF): Describe the kinds of questions that our class has the most trouble with. (Look for similar topics or types of questions). (This requires a thinking paragraph and examples).
  4. Power Test Vocabulary (JF): Post the seven toughest words from the test questions, one word per posting please.

Bonus: Make a word cloud of our Power Test Vocabulary using a site like or or or and message it to me!