Objective: Develop strategies to improve success on multiple choice tests!

Preparing to Prove

Tomorrow, you will be writing the 42 question multiple choice section of the ELA exam. It’s time to think about those questions.

1. Check Strategies

It’s a good idea to think about multiple choice strategy. Here is some good advice for test takers:

2. Basically Multiple Choice (JS):

  • Complete the Basically Multiple Choice (JS) survey and compare your thinking to the rest of our class.

3. Which Word (JF)

  • Which word from “Power Test Vocabulary (JS)” do you think is most important for us to study? (Which one is most unknown and most frequent?)

4. Newsela California Bears & Quiz

  • Read and test on today’s Bears in California article assigned on Newsela.

5. Quick Write (JF)

  • Write a “Takeaway” response to the Bear article!
    • Choose the most important or interesting thing you learned in today’s Bear article.
    • In a paragraph, identify that interesting thing and explain why it’s so important or memorable.