Figurative Language Personification

Objective: Unpack personification found in lyrics.

  • Personification is a special type of symbolism. 
  • Personification is when a writer gives human qualities to a thing, an idea or an animal. It’s like a giant metaphor that’s come to life!

Personification in Action

War Has No Eyes (JF): There is a Swahili proverb that says, “War has no eyes.” Explain what this example of personification says about what war is like? <500+>


Sleepless (JF): Explain the example of personification “New York, New York” (What do those eleven words say about what New York City is like?) <500+>


Time’s Up (JF): Explain the example of personification “Good Riddance” (What do those eleven words say about how life, time, pressure, can feel?) <500+>


Creep (JF): In “I Knew You Were Trouble,” why does the songwriter have the “saddest fear” “come creeping in” <hint: What other sorts of things come creeping in>? <500+>


Walkin Blues (JF):  What emotional experience is the songwriter describing when she writes, “When he went away/ The blues walked in and met me“? <500+>

Rockin Chair Challenge (JF): The songwriter says that “the old rockin’ chair will get me” if he stays away. What does the rocking chair stand for here and what does it all mean???