Objective: Read and understand unmodified text from a major newspaper, and discuss issues arising from the story.

  1. Read the story linked below:

2. Dance with Death (J Q&A): Create a quote graphic with a pull quote from today’s article and a powerful question about human life arising from today’s reading. (Answer at least two of your classmates’ questions).

3. Leap into Danger (JF): Choose one or more of the journal questions below and answer with a substantial thoughtful response (that you might be prepared to share!)

  • Share a time when you have tried to help someone.
  • Share a time when someone has helped you when you were in trouble.
  • Share a situation similar to the incident to our story that has happened in your life.
  • Share an experience when something scary happened on the bus or subway.
  • Share a time when something good happened on a bus or subway.