View today’s CNN10 (and prepare to use the transcript)

Read today’s Newsela article on the Manchester attack (take the quiz).

1. Responding to Tragedy (JF 500+):

  • Choose 5 powerful words from an Ariana Grande song of your choice to write a text-to-self or text-to-world response to the tragedy in Manchester.

2. Manchester Question Collection (JF):

Come up at least one thoughtful questions about today’s issues from each cluster of question starters below (ie. one question per group below).

  • How would it be different if…?
  • What if we knew…?
  • What is the purpose of…?

  • What would change if…?

  • Why…?

  • What if…?
  • What are the reasons…?

3. Manchester Question (J Q&A):

  • Post the most thought-provoking and important question from the last step.

4. Join the Discussion (Manchester Question <J Q&A>)

  • Answer as many of your classmates’ thinking questions with well-developed and thoughtful answers.