Objective: Explore and discuss an important issue in popular culture.

  • Read the Netflix article on 13 Reasons Why (and pass the test!)
  • 13 Essential Questions (J Q&A): Ask your class a deep and life-long question about the big issues behind our article. Answer at least twice. Answers should be at least 300 characters long.
  • Why 13 Reasons (JF 500+): How do you feel about the possible problems with the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”?
  • 13 Words (JF): Powerful themes can lead to powerful language choices. To explore the language in our article, create a blackout poem using the most interesting language in our article on 13 Reasons. (Use cut and paste to grab the text. Add no words. Change no words. Keep the order. Using real blackout technique is optional). Use more than thirteen words…