In yesterday’s class, we dug through everyone’s writing, looking for stories that caught our attention and made us think.

Today, we’re going to try pulling all of these pieces together into a  bit of poetry. The poem will have lots of voices!

Instructions: Many Voices, One Song (JF)


Build your poem from only the “pull quotes” chosen by your classmates and posted in yesterday’s three forums (just the pull quotes).


  • You may use as many “pull quotes” as you wish
  • You may put the lines you’ve chosen in any order!
  • You may insert whichever line breaks you wish (for the sound or the meaning).
  • Do not change the words or word order in the pull quotes
  • Use only the words from the “pull quotes”

Final Product

  • The final poem may be in “quote graphic” form…
  • Quote graphics should be easy to read, include no watermarks, and match the mood of the poem