Part One: A Task from Friday

Friday’s assignment was to look at the issue of invasive species.

Your mission is to read the invasive species article on Newsela (it should be assigned, otherwise just search for invasive species. Pass the quiz!

Invasive Questions (JF Post 2 of 3 Answers @ 400+ each):

  • Which of the invasive species listed in the article is the most important (and what makes you think that)?
  • Are human beings an invasive species (and what makes you think that)?
  • Do you believe the technology described in the article will be effective? (And what makes you think that)?

Part Two: Monday’s News

Read the two newly assigned articles about the new Healthcare Bill and about the Refugee Doll Project (and master the quizzes).

Follow Your Heart (JF Post 1 of 3 Answers @ 500+):

If you complete your work ahead of schedule, please feel free to try a second or third choice!