Part 1: CNN 10

Tornadoes and Heroes (JF 500+): Answer either of the questions below, using evidence from the transcript of the May 1st edition of CNN 10.

  • Based on today’s video (and the transcript), what should you do if a tornado is coming your way? (What makes you think that?)
  • Based on today’s video (and the transcript), why might some people consider Mariuma Ben Yosef a hero? (What makes you think that?)

Part 2: Choose the News (Discover, Persuade, Read and Respond)

We are going to be writing about an article from Newsela. Each of you will suggest an article, and write about an article suggested by a classmate.

News Scout (Jupiter Q&A Post 500 and Respond 500):

  • Find an article on the Newsela site that will fascinate your class (read and quiz).
  • Post a persuasive paragraph convincing your class to work with your article (making sure to provide enough information to find the article).
  • Choose one of the suggested articles (read and quiz).
  • Respond to the suggested article using either I Used to Think… But Now I Think…  or I See… I Think… I Wonder…) style.