Newsela Quick Reads

1. Choose two new Newsela articles that you’ve never read before. Read both and take the quizzes.

2. Wondering Quick Reads (Jupiter Forum): Post one thoughtful question about the issues you saw in today’s reading from each group of question starters below (ie. one question per group below).

  • How would it be different if…?
  • What if we knew…?

  • What is the purpose of…?
  • What would change if…?

  • Why…?
  • What if…?
  • What are the reasons…?

3. Big World Graphic Questions (Jupiter Question & Answer… ):

  • Quote & Question…
    • Create a quote graphic that…
    • Gives us a powerful & relevant pull quote and…
    • Asks the most thought-provoking and important question you developed after your reading today (see “Wondering Quick Reads”).
  • Answer two or more of your classmates’ thinking questions with thoughtful answers of at least 300 characters or more!)