This week, your teacher is trapped on the East Side scoring exams!

While he’s away, you will be reading, thinking, and asking questions.

  • Each day, you should complete the following three amazing assignments!

1) News Patrol: Read one of today’s articles on Newsela, take the quiz, and then write a 500 character (I See… I think… I wonder) response about something you find and wonder about.

2) Our Times (500+): Choose a prompt from the  500 Prompts at the New York Times and share a little thoughtful writing about your view of the world.

3) The Great Conversation (1 Essential Question per Day + 2 300 Character Answers):

  • Ask your class an essential question based on your reading and thinking today. The question should be big, universal, and really thought-provoking.
  • Answer two of your class’s essential questions (300 characters plus)… or react to a classmate’s answer!