Objective: Use new information to trigger predictions and reflection.

Our first reading is about a possible mission to Mars in 2033.

1. 2033 (JF): Where do you think you will be in 2033? (Imagine the life that you are planning — be a little realistic).

2. Back in 17 (JF): Imagine that it’s 2033. What will be your strongest memories from back in 2017? Use a little voice. Play the part. Have a little fun with it.

Our second reading is about flying passenger drones (!)

3. Come Fly with Me (JF): How do you think cities would change if safe, personal flying transportation was available for wealthier Americans? (Be a science fiction writing political scientist!)

4. 17 Connections (JF): Write a text-to-self connection with a classmates’ answer to “Back in 17”!