Objective: Explore the past through thoughtful reading of primary and secondary sources online.

Rationale: As we get close to the NYS ELA test, its wise to look at the kinds of texts that sometimes appear on those tests. American history is an old favorite.

Part 1: Read Today’s First-Hand Account of the Underground Railroad

Underground Cinema (JF 750+): Imagine you are a filmmaker making a movie set in the world of the Underground Railroad. If you were making a movie about the Underground Railroad, which surprising, unusual, amazing details from this account would you include to make your movie come to life.

Part 2: Read Two Articles About American Revolutionary War Hero Paul Revere

Paul Revere Bio (JF 500+): Many people have heard of Paul Revere’s midnight ride to warn Patriots that British soldiers were on the way. They might not know about who Revere really was. What facts about Paul Revere’s life do you think are the most surprising?

The Ride of Paul Revere (JF 500+): If you were making a movie about Paul Revere’s “midnight ride” which moment from Revere’s account would be the very most dramatic and suspenseful!