First off, let’s complete that “Deer Hit” assignment that misfired yesterday. The links are all available on yesterday’s post.

1. High School (JF): Share some of your feelings about yesterday’s high school news!

2. Wondering About News (JF ): In one discussion post, brainstorm at least one thoughtful question about the issues in today’s CNN Ten piece from each group of question starters below.

  • How would it be different if…?
  • What if we knew…?

  • What is the purpose of…?
  • What would change if…?

  • Why…?
  • What if…?
  • What are the reasons…?

3. Digging Into the News (J Q&A):

  • Post your most thought-provoking and important question from “Wondering About News”.
  • Answer two or more of your classmates’ thinking questions with thoughtful answers of 300 characters or more!)