Objective: Understanding theme in verse (poetry and musical lyrics).

Part 1: Description and Theme in “Deer Hit”

  1. Deer Hit (JF 750+): Some people say that Deer Hit does a great job developing a story with shocking, original description. There are amazing moments. Use clearly explained examples from the text to prove that Deer Hit is developed with amazing description! (Brace yourself, there are adult themes and at least one naughty word in this one).

2. Deer Deer (JF Respond to One Prompt Below, 500+ ): One mistake can cost you a lot. Like a lot of memoir writing, the end of “Deer Hit” talks about the theme of the whole thing:

Some things stay with you. Dumping the body
deep in the woods, like a gangster. The dent

in your nose. All your life, the trail of ruin you leave.

Describe a mistake you made and discuss its consequences…


How do you deal with it when you make mistakes with other people?


Describe something you’ve done that you’d like to change if you could!


Describe a time when someone forgave you (or you forgave someone else!)

Part 2: Text to Text Connections: Tupac and Hughes

3. Concrete, Stairs and Roses (JF 750+): Explain the important similarities between Tupac Shakur’s Rose That Grew From Concrete and Langston Hughes’s “Mother to Son” with its broken, difficult stairs.