Part 1: Ida B. Wells

1. Read today’s Newsela assignment on the indomitable Ida B. Wells.

2. Wondering About Wells (JF ): In one discussion post, brainstorm at least one thoughtful question about the issues in the article from each group of question starters below.

  • How would it be different if…?
  • What if we knew…?

  • What is the purpose of…?
  • What would change if…?

  • Why…?
  • What if…?
  • What are the reasons…?

3. The People Must Know (J Q&A):

  • Post your most thought-provoking and important question from “Wondering About Wells”.
  • Answer two or more of your classmates’ thinking questions with thoughtful answers of 300 characters or more!)

Part 2: A Little Poetry

1. Read the inspiring poem Mother to Son by New York poet, Langston Hughes.

2. Poet’s Persona (JF 500+): Langston Hughes is speaking in the voice of a character in this poem. Who is speaking and what can you infer about her life experiences, beliefs, and attitudes based on the details of the poem? (Be specific about how you know).

3. Stair Symbolism (JF 500+): Clearly, Mother to Son is not about an actual stairway. What does the staircase described in the poem represent (and how do you know)?