Objective: Use non-fiction resources and curiosity to increase your knowledge of the world around you.


  • Join us in watching today’s CNN 10, and be prepared to write about the issue that seems most important.
  • Takeaway 10 (JF 500+): Identify the story that seems most important to you and justify your conclusion with a clear explanation (reasons and evidence).

A World of Wonders

Find and read an article from the Wonderopolis website.

  • I See Wonders (JF 500+): Write an “I see… I think… I wonder…” response to an article of your choice. Be as specific as you can with your observation (what you see), quoting the text. Make sure to provide a link to your article.
  • Shared Wonder (JF 500+): Choose an article shared (in “I See Wonders”) and give us your takeaway.
  • Why Wonder (JF 500+): Do you think that the Wonderopolis website should be part of our class in the future? (Justify your conclusion with reasons and evidence).