Objective: Use peers, guides and online resources to prepare your final draft for publication.

Last two steps: Revision and Editing (Proofreading).

  • Revision: In the revision step, writers look for places where the writing could be improved by adding, changing and moving the parts. (Does the hook grab? Is the evidence strong? Are the reasons convincing? Does the conclusion make the reader jump out of her seat?)

At this stage, I recommend that you look at how each part of an essay should look in our Essaysaurus Thinglink. Your job is to spot weaknesses, check with your peers about specifics, and to revise your draft.

  • Editing/Proofreading: The last step is to make sure that word choice, spelling, punctuation, grammar and style are polished and clear. You may wish to try online tools like MS Word, Paper RaterSlick Write and Grammarly.

Make sure you cite your sources correctly!

  1. Final Argument (Jupiter Assignment): Submit your final draft for evaluation!

  2. R and D Reports (JF Extra Credit — write as many reports as you can!): 

Possible R & D Topics: