Objective: Draw conclusions based on evidence from independent research.

Overview: Thinking readers put the facts together. They use evidence to make up their own minds about what’s going on. Facts can be like clues. When you draw a conclusion, you are using the evidence to decide what things mean. (Drawing a conclusion and making an inference are almost exactly the same thing).

Why Today? When you read a lot of research, you are gathering evidence, deciding what it means, and preparing to use it as part of your argument.

  • Three Finds (JF 5+ Posts, Total 2500+):  Expand on yesterday’s “Three Finds” adding at least two more reports on valuable articles you’ve found. Write a paragraph identifying each of the three most valuable articles you found in our new sources (one paragraph for each article). Explain what made each article so valuable. (Valuable articles will include new evidence about your topic and might help you find new reasons to justify your position).
  • Map My Argument (JF Pic or Boxes and Bullets): Give us your thesis statement, all of the big reasons why your argument is true, and the evidence that your argument is true. Choice!  You may choose to mind map your argument or to write it up in boxes and bullets style: