Objective: Researching to deepen understanding of a topic and prepare arguments (gather big reasons).

Rationale: Although Newsela is a great source of articles, a good researcher looks in many places to find the truth.

In today’s class, we will be searching for articles about our specific topic that can help us learn more.

Today’s Sources

Today’s Tasks

Three Finds (JF 3+ Posts, Total 1500+):  Write a paragraph identifying each of the three most valuable articles you found in our new sources (one paragraph for each article). Explain what made each article so valuable. (Valuable articles will include new evidence about your topic and might help you find new reasons to justify your position).

Check Your Sources (JF Claim + Justify 500+): Which of the sources above was the most useful to you in your research?

Hint: Be precise when you identify your articles. Names, dates, titles and even web addresses will help you find your source later!