Objective 1: Read multiple texts on an issue to identify a specific position that you might wish to take.

It’s time to push topic selection to the next level.

Your next big writing assignment is to write a smart argument. In elementary school, you might be assigned to write an argument for a favorite toy or against a big thing like racism. Now, we want a more specific position (a more specific thesis statement). eg. “Segregation creates inequality and should be stopped,” or “Bringing in refugees from terrorist hotspots is worth the risk,” or “It’s not worth paying the economic price to stop possible climate change,” or “It’s time for a complete ban on tobacco products.” 

  • Read and Quiz (*3+): Read three or more articles relevant to the social issue you have chosen, passing comprehension tests on each one.
  • Position (JF 100+): In a single sentence, say what you are going to prove in your paper.

Objective 2: Research to justify your position.

  • Read, Re-read, Highlight: Read at least one more article on your topic, then re-read all articles, highlighting important evidence and interesting reasons. Reading should help you learn more about your subject. Learning more about your subject can help you see the reasons — it can also change your mind!
  • Justification: The Big Reasons (JF 350): Explain three or more big reasons why your position is correct that you discovered in your reading.