Objective: Identify an issue that matters to you and your class — and that is practical to research.

Background: The next big job in the argument unit is to write a strong essay. Today, you will be choosing a juicy topic that matters to you and our class. (You will also want a topic that is practical to research so that you can find a lot of great evidence).

Choosing a Topic

1. Check Your Sources (JF One Post of 5 Short Paragraphs 1000+):


Topics list is thanks to DB for her response in our “Button Up” discussion.

“Check Your Sources” Example Paragraph: The refugee crisis is an excellent research topic, because there are at least 16 articles on the topic including a Pro/Con that gave both sides of the issue.

2. My Choice (JF 2 Part Map + Paragraph 500+):

Map eg.new-mind-map-1

3. R and D Reports (JF Extra Credit — write as many reports as you can!): 

Possible R & D Topics: