Read the 3 related articles assigned to you in Newsela and…

  1. Blue Moon (JF 500+): After passing the quiz on all three of today’s articles, write one single I See… I think… I wonder…  response based on something that surprised, amazed or interested from any of the three articles.
  2. Jim Crow Takeaway (JF 250+): Read at least the first paragraph of this Wikipedia article on Jim Crow Laws and write a paragraph that tells us what’s most important for people to know about the Jim Crow Laws.
  3. Hidden Figures (JF 750+): First, read this challenging article from ThinkProgress. Second, answer this question using reasons and specific examples from the article: Why do some people feel that the movie Hidden Figures is very important for American society?

You may want to paste our ThinkProgress article into Rewordify  to give you a hand with the vocabulary. It’s really a high school level text.