Holiday Fiction Focus (Post a Juno Doc before the break ends!)

This little project is designed to let you show off your skills in talking about fiction!

Introduce the Book (One or More Paragraphs)+

(Story, Setting and Genre): In one or more paragraphs, tell us the story (without spoiling the end), describe the overall setting in detail, and identify the genre.

Character Profiles (Five or More Thick Paragraphs)

In an extended paragraph, describe at least five important characters in your novel. Descriptions should include: Names, relationships, roles (hero, mentor, villain, friend, sidekick), appearance, etc..

Character and Theme (Two or More Thick Paragraphs)

Discuss the motivations and obstacles of two main characters. You should also talk about how the characters are affected by the events of the novel — changes are important!

Suspense Examples and Techniques (Two or More Paragraphs)

Describe times when the novel was especially suspenseful. What did you worry (or wonder) about? Did the author raise the stakes to make the problem worse? Did the author end a chapter with a cliffhanger, or give the characters a surprise reversal.

For a several suspense links, check here!