I am out sick again today. I’ve decided to give you guys a challenge. Your mission will be to post every assignment to today’s Jupiter discussion board “one stop shop”.

You will probably not have enough time, if you don’t get started quickly!

The assignments are just slightly weird. I hope you will help each other and have a sense of humor.

One Stop Shop (JF)

1. Find the most bizarre and amazing authentic Japanese samurai helmet and post its picture along with the place you found it. 

2. Develop an explanation for why a samurai would wear such a bizarre helmet. If you can find a text evidence, use it! If not, use your knowledge of human nature to explain what was in the samurai mind.

3. Who is the highest paid NBA player in the game today and how much does he make per pound of his weight. Compare this to the most highly paid NHL player.

4. Find a user friendly explanation of why people get fevers, and summarize it for me. I have had a fever for a few days, and I would like to know what is going on.

5. Use your artistic skills and your ability to come up with reasons and examples to make me feel like I am an excellent teacher who you will remember long after I have passed on.

The more you do, the more you will demonstrate your responsibility and ability to learn independently. I will take both of these factors into consideration when deciding upon a grade.