Objective: Describe the internal conflict of a protagonist in a fictional narrative.

Today, we will be looking at Lather and Nothing Else by Hernando Tellez. This is a rather famous short story about a barber with a dilemma.

Useful thing to know: Barbers often used to shave their male customers with straight razors that they sharpened after every use using something called a strop.

Perspective & Conflict

The Barber (JF 500+): Summarize the story from the point of view of the barber, discussing the internal struggle in the barber’s mind.

The Captain (JF 500+): Summarize the story from the perspective of Captain Torres, guessing at the internal conflict that was probably in the Captain’s mind!


The Essential Razor (J Q&A Two Part Pic Post): Pic/Quote/Question

  • Post the perfect pull quote (arresting and relevant to the barber’s dilemma).
  • Pose a powerful essential question inspired by your reading of Lather & Nothing Else.
  • Answer thoughtfully and politely to as many as you possibly can!