Today, we will be looking at Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer. (You may find a copy online if you search).

Character Notes from Ashes (JF 750+): Discuss the father character in Ashes. He’s a complicated guy. Let’s hear what you think!

Teapot Talk (JF): The story ends with Ashleigh about to make a decision. What do you think Ashleigh will do? (Good answers to this question will focus on what we can see about Ashleigh’s personality).

Essential Ashes (J Q&A Two Part Pic Post + a Huge Number of Thoughtful Answers): Create one quote-graphic style post that does two things:


This is an example of the kind of quote and question graphic you are creating here.


Symbolism in Ashes (JF): Unpack* an example of the symbolism Pfeffer uses in Ashes. (There’s a story about stars and a necklace, there’s some stuff about the weather, there’s a girl named “Ashes”).

Symbols are like concentrated language. One line can tell you about a whole world.

(Symbolism video!)

*Unpack means to break something down and explaining it in detail.