Objective: Participate effectively in collaborations with diverse partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing your own clearly and persuasively.

Each of you has been assigned to one of five new and exciting groups: Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen and David Cross.

Your Mission? Mastery!

The mission of each of these furious five groups is simple!

  • Dig into the classwork we’ve done this marking period!
  • Make sure that every group member shows mastery of every idea!

Your Tools?

  • Use Jupiter Ed as the key to finding weaknesses that you can attack!
  • Use 121ela.wordpress.com to search for assignment instructions and helpful explainers, presentations and videos.

Group Learning Plan (JF Two Paragraphs 600 Characters+ Total)

  • Each member of the team must submit a group learning plan of at least 600 characters, explaining the group’s plan and their part in the plan.

The Payoff?

  • Prizes for Top Improvers (Group & Individual)
  • Points toward Winterfest
  • Group Assignment Grades (Character Category) for improvement
  • The Satisfaction of Helping Others!

Starting Position

65.22 Class Virginia Overall Average?
69.38 Team Angelina Jolie
66.98 Team David Cross
65.86 Team Jackie Chan
64.88 Team Seth Rogan
59 Team Lucy Liu