Objective: Think about a story from the perspective of the characters and their relationships.

Notice Anything #4: Describe something you and your group noticed in your book while you were reading today. The best answers go beyond the story to talk about how the author is doing her job.

Character Map (JF Image): Create a mind map that shows how all the important characters in your story are connected. In each “bubble” name the character and briefly explain who they are. Best answers will notice archetypes!

Possible Relationship Archetypes:

  • Nemesis (aka “villain” aka “antagonist”): A character who opposes the protagonist.  eg. Darth Vader, Voldemort, Tai Lung the Snow Leopard
  • Sidekick (aka. friend): A friend and companion. eg. Samwise Gamgee, Hermione Granger, The Furious Five, etc.
  • Mentor (aka teacher, coach): A character who teaches and advises the protagonist. eg. Yoda, Master Oogway, Obi-Wan, Dumbledore, Gandalf.
  • Love Interest: Juliet’s Romeo, Hermione’s Ron, Belle’s Beast, etc..