Noticing Anything #2 (JF 500+): Describe something you and your group noticed in your book while you were reading today. The best answers go beyond the story to talk about how the author is doing her job.

Objective: Recognizing the themes that an author is discussing in her work.

Sometimes the things a character wants (and the obstacles in her way) tell us a lot about the themes of a book. (eg. If a character wants to fit in, but she has to chop her pony to join the cool kids, we might be talking about fitting in, peer pressure, cliques, etc.!)

Motivation, Obstacle and Theme (JF 500+):  What themes do you see in your character’s motivations and the obstacles they face?  (What makes you think that?)

Essentially Book Club (Q&A): Post an essential question inspired by the themes you are seeing in your book! (Answer as many as you can!)