Objective 1: Identify the main character(s), describing their key relationships and motivations.

After reading your group novel, discuss the main character. Consider what they are like, what they want, and who they are connected to!

A Question of Character (JF 750+): Identify the main character(s) and describe their traits, key relationships and motivations.

For hints on how to talk about characters and their relationships, check Character Traits & Relationships.

For hints on how to talk about characters and motivations, check our Character and Plot Prezi!

Objective 2: Describe how the author creates a sympathetic protagonist.

After reading your group novel, discuss a main character. Consider how the author created sympathy with that main character.

Connecting with Characters (JF 750+): Describe how the author has created a sympathetic protagonist (ie. main character). Good answers are specific and use the terms introduced in our Character & Sympathy explainer.

For hints about the kinds of characters that we sympathize with, check out our explainer at Character & Sympathy