Notice Anything #1 ? (JF 500+): What stood out to you in today’s read? Explain something that you noticed about the story or the author’s technique!

Objective 1: Apply our understanding of narrative hooks to novel-length fiction.

After reading your book group novel, stop and discuss how the book began! (You may want to use Narrative Hooks Explained to help you think about the way the book started).

The Beginning (JF 750+): How successful is your book’s beginning? (The perfect beginning hooks you quickly while introducing the characters, setting and plot!)

Objective 2: Identify the main character(s), describing their key relationships and motivations.

After reading your group novel, discuss the main character. Consider what they are like, what they want, and who they are connected to!

A Question of Character (JF 750+)Identify the main character(s) and describe their traits, key relationships and motivations.

For hints on how to talk about characters and their relationships, check Character Traits & Relationships.

For hints on how to talk about characters and motivations, check our Character and Plot Prezi!