Reading the Ponies

Objective: Review some of the fundamental skills of reading fiction, from character-based summary, text-to -self connection, bringing moments to life, and developing your own essential questions.

  1. Summarizing the Ponies (JF): Summarize “The Ponies” in Somebody/Wanted/But/So style, showing that you understand what motivates the character and the obstacle she has to struggle with.
  2. Connecting with Ponies (JF): Describe a time in your life when you’ve felt pressure to do something you knew you shouldn’t and how it turned out!
  3. Bringing Ponies to Life (JF): How does Kij Johnson bring the moment of cutting to life?
  4. Essential Ponies (JF Pic and Question): Post an essential question about the theme of today’s story in the form of a quote graphic!

Hint: Questions 1, 2, and 4 push you to think about the themes Kij Johnson is exploring in the story.