Objective: Create a group of readers based on shared interests and reading level.

  1. Reading Level Survey: Use a combination of your Newsela “Lexile” reading level and your DRP score from the first marking period (which includes a line about your level) to estimate your reading level: if your DRP level says you are a 3, you read at about the 8th-grade level. Lower is lower. Much lower is much lower.

  2. Book Club (JF): Find a group of students who share your reading level and interests. Name your group and post a list of its members (every member posts) — a minimum of 3 members.

  3. Book Selection (Groupwork, Nothing to Submit):
    1. Explore https://www.goodreads.com/list/tag/middle-school
    2. Find the reading level by searching for the title and “Lexile” or “reading level”
  4. Book Choice (JF Picture and Paragraph): Identify the book your group wishes to choose. Explain the choice talking about reading level and content of the book and any reviews that you can find.