Objective 1: Grab and guide your readers with an informative and engaging hook.

Task 1: Triple Hook (Post Three Times)

  • Write three different hook leads, using your choice of the different types of hooks out there: shocking facts, bold claims, dramatic descriptions, powerful stories, challenging questions. Check  our video to see examples!

Task 2: Three Part Introduction (JF)

  • Check out our explainer (and video) on the three part introduction: The Three Part Introduction.
  • Write an introduction with a powerful hook, necessary information and a clear thesis statement.

Objective 2: Create a conclusion that reminds readers of your point, reviews your big reasons and reveals why your argument matters!

Task 3: Three R Conclusion (JF)

  • Check our explainer on the Three R Conclusion (and maybe watch
  • Write a conclusion that reminds the reader of your thesis, reviews your big reasons (including the counter claim), and dramatically reveals why your argument matters.

Task 4: Argument Essay Draft (Juno Doc)

  • Assemble your essay from its parts.
  • Read the essay carefully to make sure it flows. (Transitions may help!)
  • Submit your draft as a  Juno Doc!

Hint: If you want to review any part of essay writing, check the links on workshop322.wordpress.com Essay Basics!