Task 1: Re-read, Revise & Resubmit to Argument Essay Draft (JD)

Re-read your essay, focusing on four questions:

  1. Does the introduction hook the reader, provide specific background information, and then a clear provable thesis statement?
  2. Does each body paragraph give the reader a strong, clear reason why the thesis is true?
  3. Does the order of your body paragraphs start and finish with your most powerful reasons?
  4. Does the conclusion return to the thesis, review the big reasons, and dramatically reveal why your topic matters?

Task 2: Peer Revision (Share Your Work, Give Feedback)

  • Share your work and help others. Juno Docs can be shared. Your classmates can (and should) add comments and questions to your work (especially on the big four issues above). This is a little new, so be prepared to experiment and share your discoveries!

Task 3: Proofread

Task 4: Argument Essay Final (JD)

  • Submit the Juno Doc of your essay (with your name, the date, and a sensible title) for the Argument Essay Final (JD) assignment.

If you finish before the rest of your class, help others with peer editing and technical support! You might also check out a few alternative online grammar checkers and message me with your favorites.