Now that you have chosen a topic and a thesis statement, it’s time to build the body of the essay.

From Big Reason to Big Body Paragraphs! (JF)

Each “big reason” your thesis statement is true will be the topic of a body paragraph. A typical argument body paragraph explains one reason and proves it with evidence. Check yesterdays’ video for an explanation of how it’s done.

  • Choose only the most relevant evidence.

  • Quote only the part you need.

  • Add each piece of evidence with our “ICE” style.

  • Use three or more specific, different sources.

Counter Argument (JF)

Refute (or counter) your opponent’s obvious arguments against you in a clear paragraph with (ICE) evidence.

A persuasive essay at this level must deal with the big arguments of the other side. Here is a quick video about how to do it.