Objective: Develop an essay-sized argument with big reasons and supporting details.

  1. Choose a Topic (JF)

    Skim the text sets below (groups of Newsela articles) to choose a topic that you might like to write about for a few days, and post your choice — just the topic.

  2. Read Four or More Newsela Articles on Your Topic (Taking those Quizzes)

  3. Thesis Statement (JF)

    Develop a clear thesis statement (a claim) that you could prove based on your reading!

  4. Map your Essay (Thesis Statement + Big Reasons Why)

  • Watch a basic description of reasons and evidence in arguments.
  • Build a quick mind map of your essay that shows the thesis statement and the big reasons (and maybe some of your evidence!).

Hint: If you want to review the essay, check out The Amazing Essaysaurus!