Objective: Organize ideas using mind maps (aka thought webs)

1. Map Your Choices (JF post large, clear images with “screened” “Ed opt” labels):

  • Create a mind map of you ten or more high schools that you will probably put on your official list.
  • Organize the schools into reach, match, and safety schools. Get the program names exactly right! 
  • Label each the program ( screened, Ed opt, or limited unscreened )

Hint: Find mind mapping software by clicking on our “hamburger” menu button and scrolling down to the mind map links.

2. Map Your Interests (JF post large, clear images)

  • Create a mind map of the things that interest you most, organized into logical categories.

3. Map an Article (JF post large, clear images)

  • Quote the sentence that expresses the central idea of today’s top Newsela story
  • Quote the sentence that expresses the main idea of each paragraph and how show they connect