Task 1: News Day Q & A (Q & A)

  • Post a deep, thinking question about today’s news CNN Student News.
  • Join the classroom discussion by posting as many thoughtful responses as you can.

Task 2: Debatable (Q & A)

  • Ask the class an essential question inspired by your reading of today’s article on the presidential debate (see Newsela assignment).

Hint: When responding to other students, use your best discussion skills by starting our responses right:

• If you agree, try starters like “I agree with _____ because _____.”
• “I like what _____ said because _____.”
• “I agree with _____; but on the other hand, _____.”
• “I have to disagree with _____ because _____.”
• “I’m not sure I agree with what _____ said because _____.”
• “I can see that _____; however, I disagree with (or can’t see) _____.”
Add On?
• “I was thinking about what _____ said, and I was wondering what if _____.”
• “This makes me think _____.”
• “I want to know more about _____.”
• “Now I am wondering _____.”