Using the Performance Dashboard

Where is it…?

Find the School Performance Dashboard to check “Impact and Performance”



Task #1: A Safety School Dashboard (JF 750+)

  • Open the School Performance Dashboard for a school that you are considering as a “match” or “safety” school.
  • Compare your school to other city high schools. (The best answers are  very specific).

Task #2: Mouse Hunt (JF 750+)

  • Use your mouseover skills to discover a Manhattan school that you haven’t investigated which does a surprisingly good job (and explain how you know). (This is about discovering something people don’t know, not talking about SHSAT schools).

Task #3: Top School (JF 500+)

  • Use your the Impact & Performance chart to decide which is the best high school in Manhattan (and justify your choice).


Task #4: You Had One Job (JF 500+)

  • Identify a Manhattan school that has great performance but has a low impact on their students.