Looking Closer with SchoolBook

SchoolBook is a website operated by several non-DOE organizations (mostly news organizations) that can give you more information about a school.

To see SchoolBook, go to the website and find the yellow SchoolBook “Search for New York City Schools” box to begin your search.

Task 1: What’s New? (1000+)

  • Search for a school that’s already on your short list.
  • Write a well-organized comparison that explains what new information SchoolBook provides that the DOE’s SchoolFinder does not?

Task 2: On the Borderline (750+)

  • Search for a school that might be on your “safety” list.
  • Does SchoolFinder make you more likely or less likely to put that school on your safety list?

Task 3: 99 Terrace View Avenue (1000+)

  • Evaluate all of the high schools at 99 Terrace View Avenue or 2975 Tibbet Avenue using information from SchoolFinder and SchoolBook. Hint: Look quickly at the stats of all five before looking closely at the best…
  • Which one would be most likely to add to your list and why? (Good answers will bring details from both sources).