According to the New York City High School Directory, “Educational Option programs are meant to serve students having a wide range of academic levels. These programs admit students who have high, middle, and low reading levels. Half of the students in each reading level group will be selected based on their rankings from the school using multiple criteria. The other half will be selected randomly from the remaining applicants.

Task 1: Chart Ten Ed Opt Schools in Manhattan

Use school-statistics-ed-opt to record the statistics of ten ed opt schools. Don’t waste time on terrible terrible schools! Spot them and don’t bother.

Task 2: Ed Opt Q & A

Identify an Ed Opt school worth considering (and explain what makes you think it’s worth considering using details from the book).

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts, using discussion starters like the following:


  • If you agree, try starters like “I agree with _____ because _____.”
  • “I like what _____ said because _____.”
  • “I agree with  _____; but on the other hand, _____.”


  • “I have to disagree with _____ because _____.”
  • “I’m not sure I agree with what _____ said because _____.”
  • “I can see that _____; however, I disagree with (or can’t see) _____.”

Add On?

  • “I was thinking about what _____ said, and I was wondering what if _____.”
  • “This makes me think _____.”
  • “I want to know more about _____.”
  • “Now I am wondering _____.”

Task 3: Final Analysis


  • Write an I see… I think… I wonder… post about what you’ve learned today. (Be prepared to share it!)