On a personal note: Here’s the story from this morning in my neighborhood. Firefighter killed, several people injured in explosion at Bronx home acting as possible drug lab: source

Task 1: Kingsbridge Essential Question (J Q&A):

  • After hearing about today’s explosion in the Kingsbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, ask your class an essential question about life inspired by the event (and answer a few!).

Continuing from Yesterday’s Beginnings…

You might want to check one of your classmate’s lists: mia-hs-unscreened

Task 2: Top Schools Survey (JF)

  • Simply list the three limited unscreened schools that you are most interested in.

Task 3: Top Limited Unscreened Schools (JF 750+)

  • What are your top three Manhattan “limited unscreened” schools (and what makes you give them that ranking). (You might start by thinking about performance statistics and how many applicants there are per seat).

Task 4: I see… I think… I wonder… (JF 750+)