lifting-body-choiceDecoding School Possibilities Yet Again

Match / Reach / Safety

Today’s Assignments? Use yesterday’s template to analyze two new schools.

  1. Decoding: Match (JF): Choose a strong school that you believe will accept you (based on scores, location and grades).
  2. Decoding: Safety (JF): Choose a solid school that you are sure will accept you (based on scores, location and grades).

Once again, your class is decoding the complicated information in the High School Directory (or the School Finder).

To write your answers, cut and paste the sections and questions below. (Work hard to keep the structure, using paragraph breaks).

Below each bullet, write a well-supported paragraph! A good answer will require at least 2800 characters.

A. Statistically Speaking

  • How good are the school’s statistics? (Justify your answer by quoting specific numbers)

B. That’s Interesting!

  • What academic opportunities, specific courses or other activities does the school offer that interest you? (Why are you interested in these?)

C. Getting In!

  • What are the admission methods (test, audition, screened), how many applicants do they get per seat, and how strong a candidate are you? (Justify your evaluation with grades, addresses, scores, etc. ?). Check pages 14-16 of our 2017 NYC High School Directory for admission methods.

D. Getting There!

  • What trains and/or buses go to this school? How long will it take me to get there?
  • If I’d like to find out how to visit this school, what phone number, email, or website can I use to get information?