1. Personal Connections to this Weekend’s Events (JF 500+)

In 500 or more characters describe any connections you have with the bombings in New York and New Jersey. (You can talk about how you and / or your family feel, etc..)

2. Visible Thinking (Choose One, JF 500+)

A. I Used to Think, But Now I Think… Read “Chelsea Bombing: What We Know and Don’t Know” looking for places where your understanding of the event needs to change.

Complete an I Used to Think, But Now I Think response of at least 500 characters that tells us about a time when you had to change your thinking because of new facts.


B. I see… I think… I wonder

Write an I See… I Think… I Wonder response. Make an observation about the reading, interpret what you’ve observed (what’s it mean), and then tell us what it makes you wonder!

3.  23rd Street Questions (J Q&A, 1 Question, 2 Answers)

  • Ask an essential question based on these events. Answer two of your classmates’ questions thoughtfully.

4. Kindness Homework (JF 750+)

  • Describe your act of kindness, explaining both what you did and how the person you helped reacted.