1. Newsela (College Football Player’s Lunch)

Read the article assigned to you about Florida State University wide receiver Travis Rudolph, student Bo Paske and their lunch at Montford Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida. (Write the quiz too!)

2. Essential Kindness (Ask One Question, Answer Two+)

  • Ask an essential question inspired by today’s article. (Essential questions are deep ones that you could ask again and again for your whole life!)
  • Answer two questions with thoughtful, respectful responses.

3. Kindness (2 Parts: 1000 Characters) — required

  • Describe a time that someone was kind to you. (Describe the situation and explain how you felt).
  • Write a plan to pass the kindness on to someone else! (Repay that kindness to someone else).

4. Kindness Homework

  • Complete your act of kindness! (Be prepared to report in writing on Monday!)