1 .Something That Made Me Think (1 Page)

In one full page, tell us about an event and explain what it made you realize (or think about).

The events of our lives can really make us stop and think (especially if we’re paying attention).


  • Weird things
  • Shockers
  • Contrasts (Noticed When Traveling or Visiting)


The Armadillo

My daughter is seven, and we went to a lot of zoos this summer. We went to in zoos in Baltimore, Washington and Winnipeg. (It feels like more than three. I may be forgetting one). In any case, in the National Zoo in Washington, I saw this little armadillo in a big glass enclosure. There were other animals above him in those dead trees they use for zoo displays. Those animals seemed happy.

The armadillo did not. He was pacing. I am told that pacing is a sign that an animal is in distressed. I only really noticed how bad the little guy was when I tried to take his picture. Imagine an animal like a wiry little old man. There were white whiskers and little brown eyes. But I couldn’t get my picture because he never stopped moving – not even for a second.

In every picture there was this blur nervous, pacing, crazy animal. Back and forth. All in close up.

I wonder whether we need to have him there in that box. It’s amazing to see animals up close. For a lot of the people going through the zoo (especially kids) , there’s something about seeing the real animals that makes the creatures feel more real. In a world of special effects and augmented reality, maybe connections like these will nudge people to make decisions that protect the natural world in the future.

I hope so.  I felt pretty bad for that crazy little armadillo. (My uncle? He wondered how many of us were just like that armadillo, stuck in tough lives that we couldn’t escape).

2. Respond to the News (1 Short Page)

Watch today’s episode of CNN Student News and write an “I see… I think… I wonder…” response to one of today’s features.

3. Guilt Beyond Imagining. (2 Parts 1 Page)

Respond to what you’ve just heard. Put yourself in the place of the person who tells their story. What positive things could a person do to handle guilt like that?

Make a text-to-self (personal) or text-to-world or text-to-text connection to today’s bloodchilling StoryCorps.

4. Time allowing, a little thinking about…