Dagger from the Stars.png

Today, most of our group is only available for part of the class. For this reason, we’ll start together and then work independently.

Main Objective:

Improve your nonfiction reading comprehension scores through reading of texts at your independent reading level.

Whole Group Task:

Preview today’s word cloud. Read the Newsela article assigned on today’s date (at a your level). Complete the multiple choice quiz on the article.

Independent Tasks:

Students not attending the Cirque du Soleil performance today, have four options (do as many as you can!):

  1. Set up an account on Adobe Spark, and use Spark to turn one of your poems into an amazing work of art, sending the result to me!
  2. Write and send me a brief review WordCloud.com, comparing it to the other word cloud generators on our menu page (click that menu button in the top right).
  3. Complete missing assignments to complete your learning (and improve your grade), messaging me a list of any assignments you would like me to check for you.
  4. Explore the past with Newsela, read (and quiz) while focusing on fascinating discoveries about the human past like the article about Tut’s dagger.