Word Cloud

Newsela Dip:

Begin with a little reading about things going on outside our classroom (and take the quizzes on today’s two selections).

Objective: Explore powerful language (and ideas) to inspire evocative language use and new themes.

Stolen Beads (JF):

Choose one of poem from this list. Take the most powerful and evocative words (in order):

Use the word list in its original order to make your own poem.

Pillars of Wisdom (JF):

Choose two wise old sayings from Wise Old Sayings (on any themes that feel powerful to you). Use one saying as the first line of a poem and the other as a last line. Your poem should somehow connect the two ideas…


Anyone who reads today’s articles and writes two quick poems, should not stop writing. We don’t always do our best on the first try. You may find that lightning strikes with your second and third idea!